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Are you going to let the corporations take your business?

IT people at small and medium companies don’t have the big enterprise budget, they don’t have the same depth of in-house skills and weight of numbers as a multinational company, nor do they have the datacentres and the scores of locations… s

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Things I’m thinking of…

With the undeniable success that is Windows 7, Microsoft is ploughing full steam ahead with the next incarnation of Windows, imaginatively codenamed: Windows 8. The release of the Developer Preview has answered a few questions about new features,

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Tablets – the future?

More and more I find myself reaching for my tablet when it comes to work-related issues, to the point now where I’ll actually bring it to meetings and client site visits instead of my laptop. It was not always this way, initially, like a lot of

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Being Secure on Public Wi-Fi

Being Secure on Public Wi-Fi: VPN, Firewalls, File Sharing

With a dash of technical knowledge and some preparation, you can safely use a public WiFi network. Public Wi-Fi security is a very different thing.

Wi-Fi networks that you setup a

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Stop Windows Update rebooting your machine

Attention Microsoft, during development of Windows 7, when you all sat around a table discussing how to work the windows update portion, I would like the name of the person whose idea it was to make the update and reboot mandatory. I want to ask i

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