Whole Client Monitoring

Eolas takes a more rounded approach to IT Support…

Rather than just monitor a server, with our advanced systems we monitor raid arrays, remote offices, ISP connection, bandwidth usage, websites and the server.   In short, we monitor the key parts of your ‘whole system’ that cause the most grief and alert you proactively so we can take appropriate action together.

Server Monitoring

Eolas Technologies can easily and effectively monitor and manage the health of one of the most critical business systems, your servers.  Our advanced system for client care “Remote Management Server Monitoring” helps you avoid the risks of expensive remedial action and reputational damage through proactive monitoring of server security, hardware and disk, performance, applications and bespoke software.   In most cases we know of an approaching issue before you do and are able to notify you or correct the issue for you.

Network Monitoring

Remote Management provides a comprehensive range of Network Monitoring and Performance Management Solutions to help you manage network performance more effectively with SNMP monitoring, network device connectivity checks, TCP service monitoring and network security.

Website Monitoring

Remote Management Website Monitoring tools provide an easy-to-use and effective way of delivering maximum uptime, an invaluable low-cost solution for any business.

Workstation Monitoring

With Remote Management’s Workstation Monitoring we can spot periodic workstation problems and fix them fast, ensuring optimum availability for all users and keeping business ticking along smoothly.

Remote support for each PC comes as standard with the monitoring so if needed we can take remote control of a machine (with the users permission).   Checks include, event logs, AV updates, drive space change, disk health check, hacker check and Windows service check.

Patch Management

Remote Management’s Patch Management tools streamline automation and management of Microsoft software updates/patches.  It’s easy to set-up and very affordable!   Integrated into both server and workstation monitoring.


Remote Management Reporting Tools produce professional, graphical reports that are used to spot trends in system performance and demonstrate any need for upgrades or replacements.

Remote Access

Remote Management offers easy Remote Support Solutions for servers and workstations. Easily accessed through your online Dashboard, we can start solving issues on servers and workstations as soon as they arise without having to leave the desk.

Alerting and Viewing

Remote Management Alerting and Viewing options help us stay on top of the networks we manage round the clock, in a way that suits you best.  Get alerted to issues with Instant Email and SMS Alerts the moment Remote Management detects a problem, and view the status of your system on a personalised online Dashboard on your PC, PDA or mobile phone.

At minimal cost, zero risk and huge benefit we’re able to check your anti-virus, disk space, disk growth rates, system health, email systems, scan event logs and protect you from hacking attempts each and every day. We’ll even give you a short report each day detailing what’s been checked and the status !!


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