24/7 Network and Server Moitoring

We monitor your systems around the clock

Rather than sit by the phone waiting for you to call,  we monitor your systems round the clock and let you know as soon as there’s a problem.  We will advise you of the exact cause, so we can fix it fast and cut your downtime to a bare minimum.

Daily Server Safety Check

Two of the most important systems for any business are its backup and anti-virus programs.  The problem is when these programs stop working correctly, you usually don’t know.  In these cases, you’re left vulnerable to critical data loss, or to virus attack.

With our easy and affordable Daily Server Safety Check, our sophisticated monitoring system will check these two vital systems each and every morning, ensuring they’re working correctly, alerting you when they’re not.  Here’s what you get:

  • A start-of-day check of both your backup success and your AV update
  • When your backup hasn’t completed properly, or when your AV program hasn’t updated to the latest version, we will alert you first thing
  • We send you a short start-of-day report, showing the exact problems, if any are found.  You can fix them yourselves, or ask us to help
  • If we find no problems, we still send you a short note showing that we have checked these two critical systems and that everything is in order.

Real Time Server & Network Monitoring

Your servers are where all of your business data is stored, so it’s vitally important their health is maintained, for example, disk space is managed, Windows Services are operating as designed and the Exchange Email Server is working as it should.

Our easy, affordable Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring service checks your server and network function round the clock.  We will check:

  • Drive space change
  • Exchange Store size on email
  • SNMP devices; printers, photocopiers etc
  • File and folder sizes
  • Physical disk health
  • WSUS patch management updates
  • Hacker attempts
  • Event logs
  • Sever health and performance
  • Network speed and connectivity
  • Disk space availability/ consumption
  • Web page availability
  • File and folder sizes are within expectations
  • Vital Windows Services are working


Our monitoring service provides top quality information, so we can drill down to the root of the problem and work to fix things quickly with minimum disruption to your business.

“Try monitoring for a month and after that if you decide not to carry on the service then the month is on us.  What’s there to loose? “

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