Project Management

Why do you need a Project Manager?

The Project Manager is there to become the focal point for any and all work relating to a project you are undertaking. They will actively manage all staff and resources. They will liaise with other departments and projects within your company or organisation. The Project Manager will constantly report project status to all necessary people, freeing you up to do more with your time.

What are the basic principles of IT project management?

Projects are short-term efforts to create a unique product, service or environment, such as removing old servers, developing a custom e-commerce site, creating new desktop images or merging databases.

All projects are constrained by three factors: time, cost and scope. For a project to be successful, these three constraints (often called the Triple Constraints of Project Management) must be in equilibrium. If any constraint is out of balance, the project is heading for disaster.

Our Prince 2 certified Project Managers are not only excellent PM’s but technical too, so, they understand the unique challenges of IT Project Management and can help manage whatever project you have in mind.


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