In House Infrastructure

Major or minor installations completed effortlessly with no interruptions

With IT evolving on a daily basis and applications demanding more and more resources, no doubt at some point you will need to consider upgrading your network, PC’s,  Notebooks and servers to bring them in to alignment with your business requirements.

We understand that the IT is effectively the central nervous system to the business and only its continued operation ensures the success of it.

Our flagship range of Fortinet products can help secure and defend your network from attack and also data leakeage.

Precise Installations With Zero Interruption

Our installations are highly project driven and each one is assigned to a dedicated project manager who will first evaluate your system and your business. Their aim is to get your project delivered with military precision and with zero interruption to your business.

Most installations are carried out on a weekend, so that by the time your staff arrive on Monday morning, your business is fully operational.

We take control of all 3rd parties and manage the project from cradle to grave.

Once the project has been completed, we will provide Early Life Support to ensure an engineer is always onsite post installation to resolve any outstanding issues quickly and efficiently.

Effective Change Management Process

Once our installations team have completed their job and you have signed the work as complete to your total satisfaction, we will then re-write your network documentation to reflect the changes through our change management process and update our service desk to ensure they are able to seamlessly continue supporting your new infrastructure.


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