Are you going to let the corporations take your business?

IT people at small and medium companies don’t have the big enterprise budget, they don’t have the same depth of in-house skills and weight of numbers as a multinational company, nor do they have the datacentres and the scores of locations… so what?  Your customers don’t care. Your customers don’t sympathise. It doesn’t matter if your IT department is a small team or just one person, the market sets the bar and giving your company the ability to compete is quite simply… your job.

Ask anyone who has used the old tape backup solutions, for small and medium sized companies backup and availability of data/applications has been one of the toughest areas to compete in.  Up to this point only the largest companies have had the real estate, infrastructure and bandwidth to deliver disaster recovery across different sites with the near invincible resilience that this provides.  Up to this point only the largest companies have had the scale to perform real time, full system failover with as near zero recovery times, near zero data loss as is possible.  Not anymore.

In partnership with Arcserve, EOLAS Technologies is excited to announce the playing field just got level. EOLAS Technologies’ Disaster Recovery Service gives you the off-site resilience and instant failover of a large enterprise but without the price tag. 

  • Our experts host and manage your disaster recovery infrastructure so you don’t have to invest heavily in hardware and skills.
  • We equip you with state-of-the-art replication and deduplication technology so the cost of storage and bandwidth is massively reduced.
  • You only pay for what you use, you can turn it on and off like a subscription.
  • Your data/applications have never been more secure and so available, instant RPOs/RTOs and to any location.
  • Improve agility, employee productivity and customer experience.


Contact us today and take aim at the market share of your biggest competitor, your service delivery will keep you in the running.



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